About Us

Renaissance Fitness and Wellbeing was created with the aim of providing activities for anyone looking to fill the gap between physiotherapy rehabilitation and mainstream gym and yet found health clubs or gym environments intimidating.

We offer a relaxed, warm and friendly environment where you can get fantastic results regardless of your age or background. Age and health is no barrier to getting started as we offer full pre-physical activity screening and advice on exercise referral; you will be surprised at the results you can achieve with the professional support we have on offer.

Renaissance Fitness and Wellbeing is equipped with a unique range of motorised exercise machines which are designed to accommodate the less fit, quite simply put, exercising is made easier. A whole body workout can be achieved in just 30 minutes – less than half the time of a conventional workout ensuring members who are short of time can include fitness into their daily routine. Also available are a Life Fitness Treadmill and Exercise Bike, a Concept Rower, a Vibrational Training Plate and a range of hand held fitness equipment.

Motorised Equipment

  • Leg and Shoulder Shaper
  • Abdominal Firmer
  • Leg and Chest Toner
  • Cycle and Tone
  • Waist Reducer
  • Torso Stretch and Tone
  • Arm and Leg Shaper
  • Abdominal and Back Exerciser
  • Multi-Trimmer
  • Relaxerciser