Exercise and dementia

Exercise and dementia

Of course, we all know that exercise is generally good for us, but that doesn’t necessarily make us get moving!

Still the messages about the powerful impacts of exercise keep on coming. We recently came across this study into the effects of exercise on dementia in seniors. Not only can exercise make you feel more alert – it can help to keep you that way!

It can be hard to get enough exercise into our days. There are always too many other things getting in the way: things to do, to watch, to eat! Or maybe we don’t feel up to it, or lack the energy. Or the weather is bad.

Joining a traditional gym is not the answer for many of us – but maybe a different kind of gym, like you’ll find at Renaissance, could be the answer? It’s gentle, safe and fun – and ideal for anyone over 50 who is not used to regular exercise or who has mobility problems such as arthritis.

Why not pop along for a free consultation and try it out for yourself?