Fitness for Work

fitness for workFITNESS FOR WORK

Employers and employees can now benefit from Renaissance Healthy Lifestyle Solutions’ Fitness for Work programme.

The Fitness for Work programme includes assessment by  qualified physiotherapists with post graduate training in Occupational Health and occupational therapists.

The assessment includes:

  • Physical Assessment of the person’s musculoskeletal condition
  • Job/Task analysis
  • Work-site ergonomic assessment
  • Risk assessment

Record of Assessment:

The employer will get a comprehensive report of

  • Diagnosis and related work place issues
  • Recommendations for healthy working options
  • Advice on self-care and steps to reduce aggravating factors.

Functional Capacity Evaluation and Rehabilitation   

  • Assess a person’s work and functional ability
  • Design  and provide a rehabilitation programme aimed at restoring an employee’s functional capacity.
  • Identifies any barriers to their recovery
  • Provide recommendations for relevant treatment.