Open for business!

Open for business!

The motor-assisted machines  take the strain and allow you to gently ease yourself into a regular exercise routine. You can sit back and relax as the machines ease you into the exercise, but they also respond to your effort by providing resistance to tone and strengthen muscles as well as burn calories. As you improve the challenge increases. This method is ideally suited to anyone not used to regular exercise, recovering from operations or injuries, or with mobility problems caused by arthritis, for example.

The new fitness centre, unique in the area, is the dream of Helen Madzokere, a consultant physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience, much of it within the NHS. She admits to a passion for the preventative, rather than reactive, approach to health care, explaining: “For years, I’ve wanted to help people with mobility or other health issues to feel better. Now I can do so in my own fitness centre.”

The open day on 26th October 2012 was attended by Bob Jones, chair of the Canterbury City Centre Partnership who said, “It’s great to see new initiatives aimed at improving and maintaining the health of residents and I wish every success to Helen and her team. I can see this centre being very popular with a lot of our citizens who would be put off by regular gyms.”

In addition to the motor-assisted machines, the centre also offers aromatherapy, sports massage and acupuncture and AlphaStim treatments.

Helen advises three visits of between 30 and 40 minutes a week to see results and says the machines will particularly benefit older people and those with mobility difficulties. GP referrals are also welcome.