I wanted to get fitter and enjoy / benefit from having company when exercising as I am slow paced. This gym is relaxed and gentle, it has a positive effect every time I attend and there is good support at the gym.

Martin from Canterbury, 43

I needed to get fitter and strengthen my muscles to support my joints…..it has made me physically stronger and improved the support for my joints…….I have made some wonderful friends whose support is invaluable. Give it a go, everyone is friendly and the benefits are beyond anything you can imagine. It’s changed my life!!!

Emma from Canterbury, 42

I have high blood pressure and diabetes. I wanted to get fitter and it’s benefitted my physical health. There’s nothing to be afraid of and the staff help.

Janet from Bridge, 71

I work full-time and I have Myasthenia Gravis – literally muscle weakness and my neurologist spoke to me about maintaining what strength I had. I joined Gentle Gym to stop myself from going home after work and laying on the sofa until bed time. I feel more positive about myself and my future and have met a whole new set of friends. If you are considering joining, I would say just do it, it’s really not scary and it will make a real difference.’

Mandy from Canterbury, 52

I recently retired following health problems. I have a lung problem and had put on weight and subsequently had a mobility problem. I wanted to improve my mobility and level of fitness. My lung capacity has improved significantly and I am now able to walk up to 14kms in one day! I have lost weight and reduced a dress size and am now a committed exerciser.

Come along, the gym is informal and very friendly. The exercises are not competitive and the improvements are significant providing you attend. The Fitness Instructors are supportive and very helpful with useful exercise programs just for you.

Sue from Canterbury, 57

I have sciatica and a slipped disc, I wanted to strengthen my muscles to help support my back. I have improved my muscle strength and I feel fitter for it. It has increased my social life as I’ve made some great new friends. If someone was considering joining, I would encourage them to try a taster session to experience the machines and the atmosphere. I want to express how much I’ve benefitted from attending regularly.

Kerry from Chartham, 36

I joined to just try and keep healthy. I feel it has improved my physical and social life. If you are considering joining, just go ahead.

Shelagh from Canterbury, 72

I joined because I wanted to be able to keep up with my grandchildren and I feel that I have benefitted physically. I have encouraged my friends to join the programme….Go for it!

Dee from Canterbury, 74