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Having been diagnosed with COPD in 2015 I joined the Renaissance Gentle Gym in October of that year as medical advice included exercising.

My FEVI (the lung capacity which you expel) at that time was 47%. In 2016 my lung capacity improved to 54% and then in 2017 it further improved to 71%. My GP was amazed and stated that this rate of improvement was unusual and that he thought that the gym work had been a major contributing factor.

I continued at the gym and in 2017 I had to have a total knee replacement.
Physiotherapy following surgery was supposed to last for eight weeks but after three weeks I was discharged having achieved the level required of recovery which would normally have taken the full eight weeks. This, again, was attributed – by the physiotherapist – in a great part to my exercising at the gym for the previous three years.

I continue to enjoy attending the Renaissance Gentle Gym with its amazing motorised equipment, friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable trained instructors.

Rob 2021

I have been going to the Renaissance gym for many years. Following a not so good hip replacement I find the equipment in the gym excellent for keeping me fit. There is a good variety of equipment.

The gym is very clean and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and I would certainly recommend the Renaissance gym to anyone who has fitness problems.

Jenny 2022

I have been a member of the the Renaissance Gentle Gym for many years.

As a ‘faller’ resulting in many injuries, I was delighted when a Falls Prevention Programme was set up and I was equipped with skills to stay ‘upright’ and gained more confidence.

I have also had support from the staff both pre and post operatively following knee and hip replacements. This greatly helped my swift recovery and mobility.

You can always be assured of a warm and friendly welcome by the staff when you enter the gym.

Margaret 2022

I have been attending the Gentle Gym for many years and it is an invaluable part of my quest to remain fit despite advancing years!

The atmosphere is very friendly and conductive to much social interactions. Altogether a great benefit to physical and mental health, particularly important in the last couple of years.

Michelle 2021

I attended the Falls Prevention Programme following several fall resulting in fractures.

I found it a very beneficial programme and my balance and muscle now has increased.

John 2019

I found the falls/balance class very useful. I have noticed a definite improvement.

Ann 2022

After a break of 3 weeks my fitness has slipped back so I need to keep at it!

Anon 2022

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